Kerap Pamer Foto Hot Di Dunia Maya, Begini Kata Revi Mariska !

Sejak mengunggah foto dan video ‘hot’ di sosial media, nama Revi Mariska langsung booming. Postingannya itu mendadak jadi kontroversial, mulai dari dimana dirinya memamerkan foto-foto yang mengumbar keseksiannya hingga video yang langsung ramai dikalangan netizen.
Berbagai spekulasi pun muncul mengenai sikap Revi Mariska yang mendadak jadi sensasional ini. Ada yang menyebut dirinya ‘gila’, serta ada pula yang menduga bahwa semua itu dilakukannya sejak Revi Mariska ditinggal oleh mantan kekasihnya sampai membuatnya frustasi.
Karena rasa frustasi dan patah hati itulah, diduga Revi Mariska bertindah ‘bodoh’. Revi sendiri dikabarkan pernah menjalin asmara dengan aktor yang menjadi lawan mainnya, Temmy Rahadi. Namun keduanya tak jadi menikah.

Video Youtube Revi Mariska

Selain itu, Revi Mariska juga dikabarkan memiliki hubungan special dengan pria yang berbeda keyakinan berinisal J. Santer beredar kabar, bahwa Revi Mariska sampai rela pindah keyakinan lewat foto-foto yang diunggahnya itu.
Tapi, sayangnya kali ini Revi harus kembali patah hati dan batal menikah. Namun saat disinggung akan hal itu, aktris yang dikenal lewat perannya dalam serial “Angling Dharma” ini membantahnya. Dia bahkan menegaskan bahwa dirinya sama sekali tak mencari sensasi.
Nggak ada tuh. Nggak ada masalah masalah kayak gitu. Kalau masalah kayak gitu berarti orang gila pending dong. Kan aku batal nikah 2015, terus aku gilanya 2016 lho berarti orang gila pending, kang nggak ada kayak gitu,” ujar Revi Mariska.

Revi Mariska
Foto : Revi Mariska

Aku juga nggak sengaja. Aku nggak cari sensasi,” tukasnya.
Revi sendiri memang cukup mencuri perhatian sejak foto dan video hot miliknya beredar luas di jagat maya. Apalagi tak jarang Revi Mariska menyebut-nyebut soal kondisi kejiawaannya dalam sebuah video. Tapi, Revi tegas mengatakan bahwa dirinya sama sekali tak mengalami stres karena ditinggal nikah oleh sang kekasih.
Ditinggal nikah sama Temot udah lama. Makanya aku nggak ada apa-apa kok dibilang stres,” tegas Revi Mariska.

Beyoncé's 'Lemonade:' A track-by-track review

Life gave Beyoncé lemons, and she made Lemonade.
Bey released her sixth album Lemonade in an earthquake of a surprise release Saturday night. And after collecting our emotions, we listened (and listened again, and again), for some instant reactions to her most grown-up record yet.
Stream it via TIDAL here,
It's hard to divorce (ha! Get it?) the first few songs of this album from the Lemonade documentary, which seemed at first like it'd end in a Bey-Jay separation announcement. Compared to Beyonce's opener Pretty Hurts, this is a quieter, more wistful introduction. — Maeve McDermott
Let's all say it together: Hold Up is already the song of the summer. If this isn't one of Lemonade's singles that sells a zillion copies and bangs from the radio all July, it'll be a personal offense. — McDermott
This collaboration doesn't exactly make sense on paper. But take the song's arsenal of classic Jack White tricks — the distorted rock 'n' roll vocals, the nimble foundation of drumbeats, the clashing chorus — and lend them to Beyonce, and it sounds fresh. — McDermott
Is this the most profound Bey song she's ever made? Probably not, but it's a breezy, beautiful kiss-off that's enough to tell every below-average person in your life, "Boy, bye." — McDermott
Beyonce drawls about hard-working women as The Weeknd joins her for a very on-brand feature about stacking money and drinking Hennessy on one of the album's weaker links. — McDermott
Where's Bey's CMA Award? Seriously, considering her roots, the fact that this is Bey's first country song with brass band horns is kinda remarkable. — McDermott
Daddy Lessons serves as a turning point for the record, as the spare, woozy Love Drought transitions into Bey’s more familiar territory of soaring love songs. — McDermott
Bey has never sounded better – or more gut-wrenchingly raw – than on this emotional, piano-driven ballad. — Patrick Ryan
Grab your tissues, folks! This is the album's big-lunged ballad, the one that reminds us that at her core, behind the supersized public persona that's become Beyonce, is an extraordinary voice. — McDermott
Some questions: why isn't this song three times as long? Why is this the first time the two artists, both of whom who've made us weep openly, are collaborating? And James, where the album at? — McDermott
Kendrick and Beyonce are two artists who've spoken decisively and powerfully about blackness in America, and Freedom is a fittingly barn-burning collaboration.— McDermott
A soulful, motivational anthem that’s sure to crop up in gym playlists and movie trailers in no time. — Ryan
Before Formation ends Lemonade with its fiery "roll-the-credits" closing, there's All Night, a warm, sidling love song buoyed by Outkast-sampling horns. — McDermott
Lemonade isn't the overtly political work some were expecting, so there's no better placement for Formation than at the album's coda, ending a record that traces the arc of a relationship with a definitive statement of self. — McDermott

29 Days to a Healthier Relationship

Climbing out of a dating rut can be difficult. But couples who participate in exciting activities get a big boost in relationship satisfaction, according to a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. So grab your significant other and get ready for a good—but different—time. Laugh it up: Crack up at a comedy club with your sweetie. Get comfy in the kitchen: Take a cooking class (bonus points for learning a foreign cuisine). Hit the road: Rent a fun car—a Prius, a Volkswagen Beetle, a Smart Car, a Mustang—and go for a mini–road trip.